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Four Seasons Run of Hope (race review)

Today was the Run of Hope, a 5K put on by the Four Seasons, with proceeds going to pediatric cancer care and research at the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

We were lucky enough to find out about this race a week or two ago, and though Jared was committed to volunteer, I was more than happy to head down to Boston's Hatch Shell on the Esplanade for a few quick miles with friends.

In the past few years, I've had the distinct pleasure of running a multitude of races. Some were good, and...well, some were not so good, both in terms of my own performance (my fault if its good or bad) and the level of organization and quality of the race. While I won't do any of the poorer events the discourtesy of calling them out, I am happy to wax poetic on the good ones--and the Run of Hope was definitely one of the good ones.

From start to finish, the event was well put together and organized. Despite a casual and friendly atmosphere, the announcer had folks lining up in a timely manner according to their pace groups--without provoking the rush and semi-melee that a bunch of eager runners sometimes can't help but fall into. The start went off without a hitch, and we were off, cruising through the sunshine past a shimmery Charles and along a well-marked course (mile markers at each half-mile point was an unlooked for, and pleasant surprise). There were multiple water stops, all manned by helpful and friendly volunteers, and more of the same stood at every even potentially confusing juncture of the course, directing the more hapless of we runners (a category I often fall in).

And though, I couldn't stay for brunch, it smelled divine...complete with gorgeously displayers rashers of what could only be pancakes from heaven, if the smell was any indication.

All in all, a great race--and one I'd recommend. Well-organized, helpful and plentiful volunteers, a scenic course, delicious post-race food, and a fantastic cause.