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A Weekend to Remember

Thanks for the great tour this morning, Shelley! Good company, great weather, and a great warm-up for tomorrow's Run to Remember. If anyone is out for tomorrow's half marathon through Boston, look for the RB shamrock and say hello!

Also in recent news, the Harvard Square showroom at Lululemon has officially named us as their local ambassadors. You can see that info HERE. I'll have to admit to only wearing my lulu gear on all of our runs... it's comfortable, it's flattering, and it breathes!

Lastly, another running tour company, City Running Tours, is now advertising that they offer tours in Boston. I figured one day they would try to come to Boston. What you'll find after going to their website is that they primarily offer periodic group runs through the city for a flat rate, though they are also starting to offer (in our minds, somewhat overpriced) personalized tours, too. Despite their relatively new presence in Boston, their website appears above ours now in a Google search for "Boston Running Tour."

More to come in this busy busy springtime, as we continue to work with the awesome folks at Lululemon, and work on setting up a local running club and hopefully a few more free fun runs!