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Join the RB Founders in the "July Generational Gap" Fitness Challenge!

In the past, we've blogged about RB guide Ronak's company, Sweat for a Cause. The basic premise is that you sign up for a fitness challenge, and the money that you donate goes to whatever cause the challenge creator designated. You log into the site when you complete a portion of your task, enter what you did, and the site tracks your progress (and that of your competition). Whenever you make an update, you also get a chance to talk some smack to the other folks doing the challenge.

In this case, the RB founds have set up a four-week "July Generational Gap" challenge, with a $15 donation to Project Nanhi Kahli, which provides educational opportunities to underprivileged girls in India. The challenge involves running, pushups, and situps (you can do any or all three).

You can sign up here:

We're suggesting that you do the challenge with your family members, and make it a friendly competition. (Abby and Jared are on a personal mission, since finding out that Abby's 56-year-old mother can do a 2-minute plank.) If your family isn't interested in doing the challenge with you, sign up anyway...and make it a mission to "beat Vicki," or whichever generation your vendetta is against.

Either way, the money goes to a great cause--and hey, it's a great way to get/stay in shape, and cheaper than a gym membership!

Hope to be whupping up on all of you in July:)