Runners visiting the running capital of the country don’t want to log boring miles on a treadmill…especially when they can run along the Charles or Boston’s historic Freedom Trail!

The Westin (Boston Waterfront) has proven that a “running concierge” program works and is popular with guests who want to get a run in during their stay in Boston. It is with this type of running program in mind that RunBoston will offer a guided group run in 2011—designed specifically for individual hotels, we would like to introduce RunBoston’s Running Concierge service. Ask yourself:

Would your hotel be interested in having one of our knowledgeable tour guides lead a group run for your hotel in the morning? In the afternoon or evening? Both?

Would your hotel like a set run on a certain day or days of the week (for example, every Tuesday morning at 6:30 AM), or would you prefer to offer an every weekday run (Monday through Friday) in the evenings? (We encourage a set time and day or days so that hotel staff can better inform guests about this innovative service.)

Any and all guests to Boston will continue to have access to our personalized running tours via our website. However, as an amenity, our concierge running program will set your hotel apart by offering guided group runs to help guests experience all that Boston has to offer.

Please let us know if your hotel would be interested in featuring a RunBoston Running Concierge.

If this is something you would like to offer to your guests, please let us know by clicking below: